AIEC 2018 E-posters

Welcome e-poster presenters!

E-poster upload deadline: Friday 28 September 2018

The AIEC 2018 program will be announced in August 2018
Visit the AIEC 2018 website to bookmark the program tab.

E-poster awards

All AIEC E-posters will automatically be considered for the AIEC 2018 Best E-poster Award, which is announced during the closing ceremony on Friday.

Delegates vote on their favourite e-poster and the poster with the most votes receives the award.

To view the 2017 winner please click here

Good luck!


Browser requirements

Google Chrome recommended. The website will work on all devices and browsers with an internet connection.

File size

50MB maximum, including videos

Screen ratio

Landscape 16:9

Number of slides

Maximum of five (5) slides, including 1 title slide and 4 content slides

File formats

PowerPoint .pptx, .pdf, .mp4 and .mp3


We recommend reading the Guidelines and FAQs before creating your e-poster. The use of the generic PowerPoint template below is optional. We encourage you to use your own templates, but please ensure your first slide is a ‘title slide’ and includes the title as it appears in the AIEC program, and the list of all speakers.

E-poster Template

E-poster guidelines

Congratulations on being accepted as an e-poster presenter at AIEC 2018 in Sydney. The information below provides guidelines, recommendations and tips on how to design and structure your e-poster. Please also read the specifications and FAQs before preparing your e-poster. A PowerPoint template is provided under the template tab; this is optional and we encourage you to use your own templates.

All e-posters will be considered for the AIEC 2018 Best E-poster Award (selected by AIEC delegates.

E-poster design tips

  • All e-posters should be a visual presentation of your submitted abstract.
  • E-posters should be well thought out and visually appealing, with a balance of text, graphics and neutral space.
  • Make your e-poster clear and clean; avoid unnecessary clutter and special effects that do not add value.
  • Professional designers recommend using no more than 33 words per slide.
  • The movement (pathway) of the eye through the e-poster should be natural (down columns and along rows).

  • Title

  • The title slide should have the same title as in the submitted abstract and program.
  • Include the name of the presenter(s) and the institution or organisation where the work was completed, if applicable.

  • Fonts

  • Use upper and lower case for general content as the use of ALL-CAPITAL text is difficult to read.
  • Avoid using a mixture of type/font styles.
  • Recommended font size 28pt or larger in a sans serif font such as Tahoma or Arial.

  • Content

  • All e-posters should be prepared in English.
  • Avoid long sentences and large blocks of text.
  • The text should be brief throughout, i.e. any description of methods should be simple and concise.
  • The message should be clear and understandable without the requirement of oral explanation.
  • Results should be presented as graphically as possible:
    • avoid large tables of data
    • if possible, rely on photographs, drawings and/or graphs.
  • Use the space to attract your audience for discussion, not to present complex details of methods and results.
  • Avoid abbreviations, acronyms and jargon.

  • Layout

  • PowerPoint 16:9 landscape format.
  • Use single spacing.
  • Have enough blank space – too much text without breaks is overwhelming.
  • Use margins around the edge of the slides and ensure that there is enough space between columns.
  • Use symbols and colour.
  • Insert photos or graphics, but do not insert too many images or images without a clearly linked explanation to the topic.
  • If you are inserting figures or graphs, a short heading and legends are essential.
  • Creating my e-poster

    • I have never created an e-poster before! What do I do?
      • Look at the example e-posters, read through the guidelines and FAQs, and download the PowerPoint template to use as a guide. Think of the best way you can get your point across within the 5 slide limit. Consider embedding an audio or video recording of yourself presenting the e-poster. The poster website will be available for 12 months after the event, so if delegates miss your presentation you can still inform them by providing a link to the e-poster.

    • Can I use animations and transitions in my e-poster?
      • Yes! However, we are converting from PowerPoint to HTML format - most of the PowerPoint functions are maintained during this process, but some may not be supported. Stick to basic animations and transitions or contact the help desk to see if what you want to use will work.

    • What does it look like online?
      • More Info Image

        More Info Image

    Uploading my e-poster

    • I have forgotten my logins! What do I do?
      • Rocover Logins

    • How do I know if my e-poster has uploaded successfully?
      • If you can see your e-poster’s filename under the ‘Your Files’ section, then it has successfully uploaded. If you don't see your file, then there has been an issue with the upload. This could be due to file size or internet connection. Try refreshing your browser and uploading again. If it's still not visible you can contact the help desk and our support staff can help with the upload.

        File Upload image

    • I have uploaded my e-poster… What do I do now?
      • Make sure you have answered the post-upload questions as these pertain to how your info is displayed on the AIEC e-poster website. For example: Do you want to allow delegates to download a PDF or contact you via email or social media? If you have allowed such permissions, make sure your details are up-to-date. You can see what details we have in the system after you have logged in to your portal and navigated to ‘Update My Details’.

    • I want to upload my own PDF for download or I want to upload multiple files
      • Your portal allows for multiple uploads. So if you would like submit your own PDF version of your e-poster or you have used media in your poster and you need to upload the files in addition to your poster, please do so through the portal at the same time as your e-poster upload.

    • I uploaded my e-poster… Where's my preview!
      • We convert all the posters to HTML so they can be viewed on the website. Please allow up to 72hrs for your e-poster to be made available for preview. You will receive an email from us letting you know that it's ready.

    • Help! Something looks a little different!
      • Sometimes formatting shifts occur and we can definitely fix them up. Contact the help desk to let us know the issue and what slide is looking different, and we will reconvert the file for you!

    PowerPoint questions

    • How do I record audio and embed it into my e-poster?
      • You can navigate to the ‘Insert’ tab in the PowerPoint toolbar, from there click on ‘Audio’ and choose either ‘Audio on my PC’ or ‘Record Audio’. If you have already recorded your audio, browse to your file and click insert. Do not drag your file from your browser window onto the slide. If you want to record directly into the slide, choose the ’Record Audio’ option and it will start recording. Most smartphone headphones have a microphone that can also be used.

    • How do I get my video to play automatically on a slide change?
      • Click on the video you want to play automatically, then click on ‘Animations’ in the top toolbar. From here, you can click on ‘Animation Pane’ which will open up all the animations within your slide. The video will be highlighted. Use the dropdown to change the video to ‘With Previous’.

    • How do I export my entire e-poster as a video?
      • For PowerPoint for Windows you can export your e-poster as a video if you want to maintain all your animations, transitions and audio commentary. You can do this by going to ‘File’ down to ‘Export’ down to ‘Create a Video’ and choose ’Use recorded timings and narrations’ then click ‘Create Video’.

    At the conference

    • What do I do when I get to the conference?
      • Your e-poster will be displaying on dedicated poster terminals throughout the Poster Lounge. Check that your e-poster is displaying correctly and familiarise yourself with how to use the touchscreen.

    • What is an e-poster ‘session’?
      • E-posters will be grouped into e-poster sessions that will take place in the Poster Lounge and scheduled concurrently with other sessions.
        Each e-poster will have approximately five minutes to present at the start of the session.
        An e-poster session will typically include four (4) to six (6) e-posters in a 90 minute session:
        • Chair intro (5 min)
        • Presentation #1 (5 min)
        • Presentation #2 (5 min)
        • Presentation #3 (5 min)
        • Presentation #4 (5 min)
        • Presentation #5 (5 min)
        • Presentation #6 (5 min)
        • Followed by small group discussions (40-60 min) at the e-poster touchscreen terminals.

    • What time is my e-poster session?
      • The schedule will be announced in July 2018. Please check the conference program for the date and time of your e-poster. The conference organisers will also email you the information once the schedule is announced.

    • What is the role of the chair in the e-poster session?
      • The chair of the e-poster session will be there to help presenters manage the group and help facilitate the discussion. The chair will briefly introduce the presenters at the start of the session and provide a brief explanation of how the session will run. Once all the presentations are completed (see above), the presenters and delegates will physically move from the e-poster presentation area to the individual e-poster terminals and continue the discussion and Q&A in smaller groups. If there is more than one e-poster in a session, the chair will assist in breaking up the group into smaller groups.

    • Where and when do I have to meet the chair of my session?
      • Please ensure to arrive at the Poster Lounge at least 15 minutes before the start of your session, and speak to the chair of your session to let them know you have arrived.
        The organisers will also email you in advance to introduce you to your session chair and other poster presenters scheduled in the same session as your poster.

    • What audiovisual is available at the conference?
      • E-poster presenters will have the use of a microphone and speaker for first part of the session (during their 5 minute presentation). A screen and projector will be available to present the e-poster. However, once presentations are completed, there will be no audiovisual equipment available other than the e-poster touchscreen terminals.
        After all presentations are completed, the rest of the session will be dedicated to smaller group discussions. The audience will split up into smaller groups and group discussions will be held at different e-poster terminals situated within the Poster Lounge.

    After the event

    Best E-poster Award

    Help Desk

    We have a chat and email system in place to help with any enquiries relating to creating your e-poster.

    The chat is in the bottom right hand corner of the page. Any offline messages will be answered via email.

    Click the link below to email your enquiry.